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How we work

Building on existing evidence, we apply qualitative, quantitative and mixed method approaches to answer the toughest questions.

We support clients to improve 
effectiveness and outcomes, maximize impact, and drive the intersection between strategy and policy.​

Innovation, Collaboration and Partnership are the key drivers used by Mercy Global Health to bring about positive and impactful change to your public health program or intervention.

Our network includes experts in public health impact and outcomes research, program management, translational research product development and introduction, performance management, evaluation and advocacy.​Based in Sydney, with representation in Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam and Brisbane, Mercy Global Health draws on experts from around the world.

How We Work
What We Do

What We do

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Technical Advice

Technical Advice

We provide our clients with expert technical advice on global health and development issues, project implementation and evidence generation


Technical Advice

We provide our clients with expert technical advice on global health and development issues, project implementation and evidence generation

Program Management

Strategy and Business Plan Development

We work with clients
to develop new strategies and business plans and support them through implementation, planning and execution.

Strategy and Business Plan Developmeny
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Program Design and Policy Analysis

We help clients evaluate
the extent to which their programs, partnerships
and policies are fit for purpose.

Program Design and Policy Analysis
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Performance Indicators and Risk Assessment

We assist clients to articulate their theories of change, develop key performance indicators and “fit for purpose” risk assessment tools. 

Performance Indicators and Risk Assessment
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Evidence for Action

We synthesize the latest available data so that evidence is an integral part of strategy, policy, advocacy and programming. We commit to put this information in the public domain.

Evidence and Innovations for Action
Project Showcase

Project Showcase

​Our clients are organizations working in health and global development that aspire to significantly impact the systems in which they operate.​

Private enterprise

Product developers

Not for profit and intergovernmental organizations

Private foundations


Recent Projects

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COVID-19 Community Health Communications

In order to address the challenges of COVID-19 in multicultural and multi-lingual communities, Mercy Global Health launched a pro-bono community health communications program targeting multi-cultural communities in Australia in an attempt to dispel anti-vaxxer and COVID denier propaganda. 

Health Comms

Health Communications Platform


Meet Our Team


Dr Moe Assoum

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Founder and Managing Director, Mercy Global Health - Sydney


Alexa Murray

  • LinkedIn

Program Officer, Mercy Global Health - Sydney

Tinessia photo.jpg

Adeline Tinessia

  • LinkedIn

Health Communications Intern, Mercy Global Health - Sydney


Bella Straeuli

  • LinkedIn

Health Economics Intern, Mercy Global Health - Sydney

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Contact Us

Our Head Office Is Located in Concord - Sydney, Australia.

If you would like to work with us, please email us using the following link:



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